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We strongly believe that the best way to discover a country is by riding a bike or walking, getting in touch with local people and the surrounding nature returning home enriched with something magical. We proudly present Italy as "The Art of Luxury Travel", combining the active trip with all the comforts and the most luxurious and exclusive experiences while for the Rest of the World we propose that priceless mix of nature, culture and sports, often with real expeditions: "The Art of Slow Adventure".


Our offer of a sustainable active tourism is addressed only to PRIVATE GROUPS of travelers who wish to live their intimate experience. We believe that to fully enjoy an active trip, be it adventure or luxury style, the best way is to have around if people you know and who have decided to share with us this experience. ITD Factory is the right choice to fulfill your desire of tailor made adventure and excitement.


The positional advantage of living and deeply knowing the Italian territory is the greatest guarantee of quality for the customer. This allows us to offer packages and services definitely inaccessible to others. Our tours are designed around the guide, a native of the area of the tour and pivotal in its development, so as to have a travel leader in perfect harmony with the tour. In our travels abroad you will find alongside our guide from Italy, an expert in the country, also a local guide.


We were born from the passion for sport that turned into a desire for adventure and knowledge of the world and its people. We have a wealth of skills with very high standard. For us the customer is the center of the universe, to even the most demanding palates we offer custom emotions of the highest level. We never forget to provide "spiritual experiences" deeply linked to the territory, nature and ecotourism, to rediscover the surrounding environment and in some way ourselves.

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